All the Daniel Bible Malayalam Sites are now using Dynamic Font technology. Its no longer necessary to download Malayalam fonts. This feature is only supported by web browsers Internet explorer 4.0 and above and Netscape 4.03 and above. if you are using an earlier version of the browsers do download the new versions.

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We reccomend netscape
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 Bitstream WebFont player
 If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, you might be prompted to download the
"Bitstream WebFont player". Click yes. This is a one time process only and is to be followed the very first time you browse the site.
The rest of the process is automated for you. The WebFont Player is a plug-in that Bitstream developed for Microsoft Internet Explorer ® 4 (or later) for Windows®. Note that you do not need the WebFont Player for Netscape Communicator ® 4 (or later). The ability to display dynamic fonts is built into Netscape Communicator.


 Document encoding settings
Netscape Users
Click on
...View > Character Set > User Defined 
Edit > Preferences... > Apperance > Fonts
Select > User document-specified fonts, including Dynamic Fonts.

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 Internet Explorer users
Click on
...View > Encoding > User Defined


Browse to our Malayalam Page and wait for a few minutes till the page loads completely. The Malayalam script first appears as Junk and then refreshes to become readable.
Please wait for a few minutes if your connectivity is poor or slow.

Test Drive the Dynamic Fonts


 If you still want to save the files to your hard disk and read it later offline you need to Download the Goodnews Malayalam Font.

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